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2018 CTAO Spring Conference
May 14 - 16


2018 Spring Conference Meal Selections

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Dues-paying CTAO Members (Contact Sheila Fox to inquire about dues status)
Treasurers & Staff, Full Conference - $150 (Includes all meals, Statehouse tour, and game)
Monday Only - $85 (Includes lunch & Statehouse tour)
Tuesday Only - $100 (includes breakfast and lunch. Register for game separately)
Wednesday Only - $60 (Includes all meals)

Spouse events:
Monday Night: Member-Vendor Mingle & Buffet - $35
Tuesday Night: Columbus Clippers Baseball Game - $35

Non-Member Treasurers and Staff:
Full Conference - $250 (Includes all meals, Statehouse tour, and game)
Monday Only - $150 (Includes lunch and Statehouse tour)
Tuesday Only - $165 (Includes breakfast and lunch. Register for game separately)
Wednesday Only - $90 (Includes all meals)

Vendor Options:
(Additional sponsorship opportunities are available on Vendor registration form)

Vendor Full Conference Registration & Display Table - $1000 (Includes all meals & game for 1 attendee)
Vendor Full Conference - $250 (Includes all meals & game)
Vendor Monday Only (No table)  - $200 (Includes lunch and dinner)
Vendor Tuesday Only (No Table) - $180 (Includes meals and game)
Vendor Wednesday Only (No Table) - $90 (Includes all meals)


Hotel Information

Columbus Marriott Northwest - SOLD OUT
5605 Blazer Parkway
Dublin, Ohio 43017
(614) 791-1000

Hyatt Place Columbus/Dublin
6161 Parkcenter Circle
Dublin, Ohio 43017

** Reserve your room at Hyatt Place here: Hyatt Place Dublin Hotel Reservation

Marriott Hotel Reservations
The Marriott is sold out and our room block is over capacity. You are welcome to call the hotel to inquire if there have been cancellations. The phone number is 1-888-801-7133.

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Final Conference Agenda

Monday, May 14

8:30 am    Exhibitor set up begins

9:30 am   Registration Opens, Visit Exhibits

10:30 am - CTAO Business Meeting & Legislative Report (0.5 hr AOS credit approved)

Gain a working knowledge of the legislative process and the bills that are currently pending before the Ohio General Assembly that may impact county treasurer’s offices and operations.  Participants will hear detailed descriptions of these bills and hear from county treasurers, who are members of the CTAO Legislative Committee, how these bills will impact office operations if passed, and what changes may be needed to address a problem.

Kevin L. Futryk, CTAO Executive Director & Legislative Agent - Government Advantage Group
Daniel Talarek, Lorain County Treasurer & Legislative Committee Chair
Ellery Elick, County Treasurer & CTAO President

11:30 am   Lunch & Optional District Meeting

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Cash Management Options in a Rising Rate Environment (1.5 hrs of CPIM credit approved)
Dennis Yacobozzi Slides
Karen Bigelow Slides
Karen Bigelow Handout

Changes are occurring in the banking industry as the economy continues to move into a rising rate environment. This new environment is providing opportunities for treasurers to potential earn higher yields on the available cash they have for investments. This panel discussion will look at changing market conditions, available banking products, rate history, and government investing options. The panel will also explore investment considerations in the current environment, and explore some questions that treasurers should be asking their financial institutions such as: 1) what options should I be looking at? 2) who should I be talking to for more information? And 3) what kind of questions should I be asking?

Karen Bigelow, VP US Bank
Dennis Yacabozzi, President, United American Capital Corp.
Barney Wright, Warren County Treasurer
April Bowersock, Auglaize County Treasurer
Steve Metzger, Clark County Treasurer

2:00 - 2:30 pm   Visit with Vendors

2:30 pm – Buses depart for Statehouse Tours - CTAO Treasurers and Staff

3:00 – 5:00 pm   Ohio Statehouse Tours

6:00 - 8:00 pm  Member-Vendor Mingle & Buffet
CTAO members will have the opportunity to visit our vendor partners at their table, learn about their products and services and enjoy a buffet of food options during this interactive dinner and networking event.

8:00 pm - Hospitality Room Opens (Optional District Meeting)
Hospitality Room sponsored by Adair Asset Management

Tuesday, May 15

7:00 am   Breakfast Served

7:30 am   Registration Opens

8:15 am - 8:30 am   Opening Remarks

8:30 - 10:30 am   The Ohio Ethics Law: It's Everybody's Business!

Ethics Law Handout (Slides will be available after her session)

This lively session will help public officials and employees in understanding how to identify and avoid acting on potential conflicts of interest. It will also provide information regarding ethics prohibitions related to public contracts and potential post-employment requirements. Attendees will also learn about general assistance available from the Ohio Ethics Commission to assist both the public and provide sectors in understanding and complying with the Ethics Laws.

Presenter: Susan Willeke, Ohio Ethics Commission (2 hrs. CPIM credit approved)

10:30 am   Refreshment Break, sponsored by TaxEase

10:45 - 11:45 am  How and Why Social Media Matters to County Treasurers (1 hr of AOS credit approved)

Barb Burgie Slides

Social Media has become an important communication tool for business and personal use, even with elected public officials. One needs to look no further than President Donald Trump. In this session treasurers and staff will learn the importance of how to effectively use social media to engage and communicate with tax payers, their constituents and citizens.  

 Outcomes will include:

  1. Developing a social media presence 
  2. The five most important items to communicate as a treasurer through social media
  3. What to do or say on social media when dealing with community issues
  4. How to best maximize social media to increase engagement and stay connected with target markets.

Barb Burgie, Burgie Media Fusion

11:45 am - 12:45 pm   Lunch & optional time for District Meetings

1:00 - 3:00 pm  Trending Issues in Employment Law: How the #MeToo Movement Has Changed Sexual Harassment Prevention (2 hrs of AOS credit approved)

Douglas Duckett Sexual Harassment Slides

The law of sexual harassment has been largely fixed for nearly thirty years, but the national climate and culture have totally changed in less than a year, as woman come forward to accuse powerful men of abusive misconduct -- and careers are ending and powerful men are falling.  Most public agencies have sexual harassment policies and have offered training, but this wave of change, not limited to the worlds of Hollywood, television, and politics, makes clear that we have not done nearly enough.  People who have put up with this for years are no longer doing so, and when they come forward, what will you do?

Our speaker, who trains public employers throughout Ohio and the nation, will present strategies to prevent the problem in the first place -- and what to do when the knock comes on your door on a Monday morning -- "Can I talk to you about something?”


Douglas Duckett, Esq.,
Duckett Law Firm, LLC

3:00 - 3:15 pm  Break

3:15 - 4:45 pm   Employment Law Update - Free Expression and the First Amendment: How Modern Technology Impacts This Right (1.5 hr of AOS credit approved)

Douglas Duckett Free Expression Slides

Because we are public employers, the First Amendment guarantees our employees' right to express their view -- to a point.  Now with the proliferation of social media, every employee can be a blogger from his or her own home. While the legal analysis is the same, these issues now present themselves with explosively growing frequency:

  • If my employee attacks me and my office in a social media post, can I do anything?
  • What about an employee who posts openly racist or other offensive hate speech?
  • If an employee shares confidential information from the office, can I do anything?
  • If an employee openly supports my political opponent, do I have to just put up with that?
  • Are First Amendment protections of "free speech" absolute in the workplace?

Douglas Duckett, Esq.
, Duckett Law Firm, LLC

4:45 pm   Hospitality Room Open

5:15 pm   Columbus Clippers Baseball Game, sponsored by TaxEase
Conference attendees will take charter buses downtown to Huntington Park to watch the Columbus Clippers take on the Gwinette Stripers. The Clippers are the AAA-affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. Huntington Park has won multiple national awards for its ballpark and fan experience. Attendees will receive "Clippers Cash" to use to purchase their choice of food or beverages from the wide variety of concession stands at the ballpark. The game begins at 6:35 pm.

9:30 pm - Return to hotel (approximate); Hospitality Room Open
Hospitality Room sponsored by Adair Asset Management

Wednesday, May 16

7:00 am   Breakfast

8:15 - 8:30 am   Opening Remarks

8:30 - 10:00 am   Active Shooter Training: Response to Active Violence Incidents (1.5 hrs. of AOS credit approved)

The goal of this presentation is to increase the overall awareness of county treasurers & their staff and prepare them to respond using best practices during incidents of active violence. Through the development of increased awareness, emergency action plans, and trained response protocols active violence incidents can be prevented, mitigated or controlled, while increasing the efficiency of public safety response and hence save lives. This presentation will aid the county treasurer & their staff in understanding the history of active violence incidents, how these attacks have recently changed, and how to become proactive in your own environment to decrease or prevent victimization.

Lt. Paul Ohl,
Columbus Police Department SWAT Team

10:00   Refreshment Break/Room check-out

10:15 - 11:15 am  Data Breaches - Part of Your Everyday Conversation? (1 hr of CPIM credit)

Scott Walton Slides

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise and both small and large organizations are not immune. Data breaches are now part of your everyday conversation and risk mitigation should be at the forefront of your daily conversation. We will address the state of data breaches, why so many cyberattacks are happening and to whom, and practices and strategies you need to apply throughout your organization to safeguard it from attacks.

Scott C. Walton, Manager, Risk Advisory Services, Schneider, Downs & Company

11:15 am - 12:15 pm  Roundtable Discussions (1 hr of AOS credit approved)

This session is designed to provide an open discussion and free exchange of ideas by counties of like size.  Topics include budget & staffing, unique practices during collections, foreclosures, delinquencies and prevention practices, board of revision, public records, records retention and management, legislative issues, Land Banks, and DTAC.

Group &
Group Leader
Group 1
Diane Sargent, Hocking
1 - 35,000
Group 2
Scott Zumbrink, Dark
35,001 - 55,000
Group 3
Bill Ogg, Scioto
55,001 - 95,000
Group 4
Dawn Cragon, Astabula
95,001 - 200,000
Group 5
Dan Talarek

12:15 pm - Boxed Lunch & optional time for District Meetings
Lunch will be provided as a boxed lunch so you can take your lunch with you if you need to hit the road or you can stay and visit with fellow attendees before departing for home. This will also be a time for district meetings to be held if desired.

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