Cuyahoga County

The County Treasurer is an executive management position that oversees the County’s finances; this includes government spending throughout the county, the collection of tax revenue up to and over 3 billion dollars, managing the investment portfolio of more than 1 billion dollars with earnings of more than $20 million in interest.


Essential Job Functions:

Manages the investment portfolio for the County through subordinate managers, keeping a balance of both long-term and short-term investments. Acts as final decision maker on investment decisions. Manages the collection of all tax revenue for the County through subordinate managers. Ensure proper department structure, internal controls, and systems are in place to record all tax revenue and delinquency. Oversees the disbursement of tax revenue to school districts, municipalities, libraries, and other taxing subdivisions. Develops and implements a delinquent tax collection program, including the selling of delinquent property tax liens. Assists residents in searching the State of Ohio unclaimed funds list and filing claims with the Ohio Department of Commerce for those funds. Manages a department of accounts and financial analysts. Directly supervises upper-level management. Mentors, coaches, trains, and develops assigned team members. Sets goals, objectives, staffing and work standards, removes barriers to effective performance. Represents the Treasurer’s office at various meetings and presentations with County Council, various constituencies, city governments, and department leadership.


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