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New OBM Partnership with CTAO for Sharing State Financial Information


Today we received a call from Pete LuPiba, Executive Director of Communications at the Ohio Office of Budget & Management (OBM).  In light of all the financial uncertainty due to the COVID19 pandemic, and in an effort to communicate state information better to local governments, Director Kim Murnieks asked Pete to contact local government groups about creating a partnership to share state financial & budget information. As a result of some local government meetings they’ve had in the past year, Director Murnieks feels local governments are interested in learning more about state finances, and wants to have this information more readily available, instead of forcing interested individuals to navigate the OBM website for these details. Below is a link to a webpage with the most recent monthly financial report we were asked to share. CTAO and other state associations will be receiving these regularly from OBM as a result of this new partnership.  


Link to webpage with monthly financial reports:


Additionally, OBM will be developing a Quarterly Newsletter for local governments, and has invited 1-2 members of the CTAO to serve on the newsletter's “editorial board.”  More details and information on this is to follow as the inaugural issue of The Fiscal NewsFlash is still being developed. We offered to share any relevant information and reports on the CTAO website as deemed appropriate. We also invited OBM to participate in our Spring or Fall Conferences, whether as a speaker or simply staffing an information table. We also offered them the option of hosting a webinar, as we recently did with the Auditor of State to discuss issues.


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